Besides the traditional billing option where it is possible for Vrbo guests to put their card details for you to proceed with the charging of the reservation amount, you can choose to send payment instructions to the guest, in which the guest will only use the card to pay the Vrbo service fee portion and the rest of the amount you settle in parallel.

Setting the instructions on Stays

Go to the menu Channel Managers > Vrbo API > Configuration tab and on the Accepted payment methods section, you can put the content you wish after clicking on the button + Add Instruction in the Invoice section:

The result on Vrbo website

By enabling this option, the Vrbo user will have the option to leave their card details not only for the Vrbo service fee but also to the host so they can proceed with billing.

If guests choose the direct payment model, they will have access to their instructions described in, such as the examples below:

Use the text to convey as clearly as possible to the guests that the card information will only be used by Vrbo team, for part of the amount, and you, as host, will not have access to it.
Because of that you will send more information on the payment via email.
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