Before proceeding with the reading of this article, it is necessary that you know the concept below:

Multistays offers have two configuration models. See below which is more in line with your business:

Free Mode
This feature is suitable for businesses with few listings located close to each other.
In this case, will offer several options for stays on the website, if there is more than one listing available for the search period.
Although it seems attractive to enable this mode, if you have a lot of listings, it can prolong the process of choosing the listings and thus generate a negative experience.
Full Gaps Matching
The feature is more compatible for businesses with more available listings, as the options will only be offered if the two listings have gaps in the calendar, that is, if the calendar is completely empty the listing will not be offered.
In this model, the offer would be generated from this situation below:

To choose your desired model, go to your Stays [App Center] and see the link below for more details.