Listings used exclusively for Long Term Rental or without connection to sales channels

When you sell your Real Estate listing you need to deactivate the listing

Just access the product to change the status into Inactive like in the image below:

Vacation rental listings connected to sales channels

Before doing the process indicated in the item above, you need to disconnect your listing from the sales channels.
It is also common that the new owners will only take over the listing after completing the reservation schedule, so in this case it is valid to set up a custom availability period for the listing to prevent future reservations to the date of arrival in the new owners, as well as to create blocks on the calendar gaps until this period, if in the agreement it is conditioned not to accept new reservations on the location.

To learn more details on how to disconnect your listings from sales channels, visit our Academy portal and search for "How to disable a listing's connection to XXX"? 

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