If you have enabled the payment option through bank deposit on your website, during the booking process, your guest will be alerted on screen and by email about the need to complete the deposit operation on the account in order for the booking to be confirmed.

In addition, it is possible to trigger this email manually from the booking page.

Stays.net counts on a default message version and the content follows the template below:

Subject: [Name of your business] | We are waiting for your deposit receipt!

Hi, [full name of the guest],

Thank you for wishing to book the lodging [public name of the listing] to the period of [check-in date] to [check-out date].

We will keep your pre-booking on our calendar until [booking expiration period], so proceed with the bank deposit in the account we indicated on the website and let us know by phone [your business contact phone]. You just need to give us the code of your booking and present the deposit receipt!

Your booking code is [booking code].

We are ready to welcome you in [lodging city]!


[name of your business]

To edit the content of this default email, simply go to the [Website & Template Manager > Templates > E-mail Templates] menu and choose the reservation conf. bank data template.