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When accessing the reservation page of your of a reservation imported from and not finding the card details on the screen, check if it is any of these reasons below:

Reservations made on Booking before the connection to StaysIn this case, it is a Booking security policy where only the main reservation data will be sent to occupy the channel manager's calendar, that is, Stays.
If you accept card payments, in reservations made after integration with Stays, you will receive the data normally.
Your Booking listing accepts reservations without a credit cardIn this case, the behavior occurs because your listing has the configuration to accept reservations without the need to put a credit card, mainly for domestic guests.SEE DETAILS
Regarding American Express branded cards, the security code is not requested by default by and this is not possible for adjustments either through Stays or Booking!

The above scenarios are mainly related in cases where the user already has a Booking listing before connecting with Stays, but if you are creating Booking listings through Stays, the process of defining payment methods is done through our channel manager settings ([Channel Managers > > Settings > Payments]).

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