To print the building registration records for the reservations, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your reservation page;
  2. Next to the word [Listing], click on the edit icon;
  3. Select the [Building Registration] option;
  4. Upon opening the document, click [Ctrl + P] to print.
This template is ideal if you have a group of travelers with a name registered in the reservation and use the individual record template!

Another option for issuing records is within the adult and child counting section, on the printer icon next to each guest:

If you use the "individual guest records" template, this option is ideal if you need to reprint a guest record of one of the travelers in the reservation.

In order for the record to be printed correctly, it is necessary that all travelers in the reservation have at least their name registered.

The options above are aimed at cases where each guest has a record.

If you work with only one record for all travelers, you can change the template to a record per group in the guest settings of your