To manage the reviews received, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Reservation & Bookings > Guest Reviews] menu;
  2. Filter on the left to refine your search;
  3. Click [Search].

From this action, just select the desired evaluation and do any of the actions below:

View the full content of the reviewClick on the [Show] button to display the content.
Edit the content of the guest reviewUse this tool only for possible spelling corrections and minor adjustments!
Click on the [Change] button, make changes and save your content.
Post, reply and define if it should be part of the statisticsBy clicking on the [Status] button, you can define whether the review will be made public on the website or not, what is the language of the review - this helps with the navigability of the comments - and whether the review should be considered in your operational statistics, whether on the listing quality area or regarding the services of an employee.

If you wish to check the instructions above in practice, click here and watch a video (in Portuguese) with these actions.

Now that you know how to manage the reviews received, how about checking other information on this area?