After finding your partner in the list of Stays members and having signed a partnership to get lodgings, it is time to configure your system using the [Incoming Channels] option.

You will need to do the following actions:

Step #1 - Configuring the incoming channel

Access [Stays Alliance > Incoming Channels];

Select the partnership from the list and proceed to the settings;
Important: In order for you to proceed, it is necessary that your partner has already made the configurations of their outgoing channel!

Check the settings made by your partner and, if you wish, put an extra % if you want to apply it over the original daily rate (your overprice);
Important: Your partner, when configuring the outgoing channel, will put your commission % and will calculate your price.
Put amount in the field only if you want to apply another % in addition to your agreed commission with your partner.

Go to the [Content] tab to select the lodgings you want to import to your;

Go back to the [Settings] tab and activate your connection!;

Go to [Stays Alliance > Alliance Settings] and select how the lodgings will be worked on your

Step #2 - Configuring the presentation of the lodgings on your system

After making the adjustment of your incoming channel, it is important to define how you want your partner’s lodgings to be on your

You will have the following options:

  • "Off" option
    Applies if you want to disable all lodgings integrated through Stays Alliance of your system.
    They will not be visible either on the system or on your website.
  • "Show Stays Alliance products only on my system" option
    In this case, Stays Alliance lodgings will only be available during the creation of booking offers by your team.
    There will be no display on your website's search pages for guests.
  • "Show Stays Alliance lodgings mixed with mine" option
    In this case, the lodgings will have the same behavior as yours.
    They will be displayed both on your system, on the normal reservation & bookings routine, as on the site.
  • "Show Stays Alliance lodgings on a separate link on the website" option
    In this case, the lodgings will only be displayed on the website in a separate link during the booking filters.
    Along the list of your lodgings, you will have something like "see our partner's lodgings here!"
  • "Only show lodgings if the availability of my lodgings is less than x..." option
    In this case, the partnership aims to provide lodgings in periods of high demand only.
    You will be able to configure a number and if your lodgings available in the period do not exceed the number, the lodgings of the Stays Alliance will be displayed both on the website searches and on your