See below the instructions for you to create reservations and offer links for the guests, using the Stays Alliance partners listings:

Reservation creation in the calendar

The Stays Alliance partner listings will not give you access to the calendar of the listings, so to create reservations on them, you must use the [Reservation Center > New Reservation] menu.

In the step about searching for listings, it is necessary to click on [Add Filters] and mark the [Show only Stays Alliance products] little box before making your search:

After the search, the listings will be listed at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the image at the side.

Reservation offers

From the Stays Pro plan, by creating an offer for your guests in the [Offer & Promotions > Reservation offers] menu, you will be able to choose two usage options:

Show only Stays Alliance products
Include products in a mixed form
The option causes only Stays Alliance products to be presented in the offer.It will integrate products imported through Stays Alliance into your default listings and create a uniform offer for guests.
Remember that your imported listings must have the [Public] option enabled in your Stays Alliance inbound channels so that the advertisement on the website can be made, as the offer is also a website page!

Now that you already know about the usage of the Alliance listings for direct sales and reservation offers, how about checking out more content on the topic?