Roles represent a group of access permissions in several areas of your system. By setting a user, you must set the roles of this user.

Types of roles

By default, we have a few examples that may help you.

Reservation agentBasic profile for agents. Grants you access to most of the reservations routine actions. 
GuestProfile for all users registered on your website. We do not recommend changing something beyond the role name.
DirectorAdvanced access. The user may do most part of the actions on the system, and also check reports and management panels. 
OwnerWhen creating an owner, whether as an active user or not, the user is already assigned to that role. This user has specific permissions about the owners' extranet. If you prefer, you can change the permissions.
CollaboratorFocused on the operational segment. Grants access to essential screen for operational tasks. 
Operational supervisorFull autonomy on your system's operational area, but with limited access to other areas, such as listings' registration, reservations center and reception screen. 
In the Administrator plan, you only have access to the system's pre-set roles. To create new roles, you must have the Agency plan.

Relating roles to your users

To set which access profiles your users have, go to [Users & Guests > Users], click the username and then on the [Permissions] tab. Check the access options on [Roles] and save it.