Where do I find the default role templates?

To use the Stays access profile templates as a base to create your custom roles, just access the [Users & Clients > Auxiliaries > Roles & Permissions] menu.
There you will find an area called Default Stays Roles, which brings together the default product templates:

How to copy the default roles to start creating mine?

To help you create your custom roles, you have the [Copy Role] button on the right side, where you can get one of these roles as a base to edit yours, as the example below:

From the creation of the duplicated role, you will be able to navigate through the permissions and enable them according to your preferences.
The change is applied right after your action to select/remove role permission.

We recommend creating a test user account and applying the new access profile on it, so you will be able to log into the system with this account and simulate how your collaborators would see Stays.net!

Relating the new role to the users

To allocate your new access profiles to the users, just go to the Users & Clients > Users menu, click on the desired user name to edit and then access the Permissions tab.

You can check the boxes of the access profiles (Roles) and save at the upper right side of the screen.

This step of relating the new access profiles to the users is essential for you to achieve access customization.
Without that, your new role will be as option, but it won't have users with it active!

Now that you already know how to copy Stays.net default roles to create yours, how about checking out other related subjects?