Where to find the standard role templates

To use Stays access profile templates as a basis for creating your custom roles, access [Users and Guests > Auxiliaries > Roles & Permissions]. There, you will find the Default Stays Roles area.

How to copy the standard roles to start creating mine?

Click on [Copy Role] to use one of these roles as a basis for editing yours, as shown in the example below.

With the duplicated role, you can enable permissions according to your preferences. The change is made as soon as you select/remove the permission.

We recommend creating a test user account and using the new access profile there. This way, you can log into the system with this account and simulate how your employees would see the screens.

How to link the new role to users

To link your new access profiles to users, access [Users and Guests > Users], click on the desired user's name and on the [Permissions] tab. You can check the boxes of the access profiles [Roles] and save at the top right of the screen.

Note: it's essential to link the new access profiles to existing users. Without this, your new role will be an option, but it won't have users linked to it.