Before proceeding on this article, it is important to know what are roles on settings users

Permissions are access rules to different items of Stays - they make sure that the users access levels are personalized according to your preferences. A set of permissions make the roles, that are the access levels from your Stays users. 

To edit a role's permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Users & Clients > Auxiliaries > Roles & Permissions] menu;
  2. On the roles panel, copy a base role from Stays or select a custom role you already have on your system;
  3. Click on the gray blocks to display the permission items;
  4. Check the boxes of the items you want to enable the feature for the function.
For any access involving internal screens of the system, select the admin.section.view permission. Without that, your users will not able to access Stays internal screens.