To link Booking listings on your channel manager, it is necessary to perform actions on your Booking extranet and also on your Stays connections panel. 

The process is known by Stays analysts as enable connection with Booking and, if necessary, you can use this keyword in our chat, indicating the number of your listing on Booking to facilitate the service.

If you would like to see the video version of this material, click on the link below! Just remember to activate the EN subtitles.
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What you find in this article

What to do on

The process in your Booking extranet will mainly be to choose Stays as your channel manager tool.
To do this, follow the steps below on your Booking extranet (

1Go to the [Account] menuAt the upper right side, access the [Account] menu and select the [Connectivity provider] option.
2Click on [I already have a channel manager]With this action, you will open a search panel to find the name Stays and proceed with the connection.
3Select the [] optionIn the search bar, put "", select the option and click on [Next].
You do not need to uncheck the connection boxes, it just shows the connection features!
4Accept the connection contractIn step 2 of connection, check the Booking connection contract and click on [Accept] to proceed with the process.
5Wait for the Stays approvalAfter accepting your contract, our team receives a connection request in our call center.
This is the step 3 of the connection and we usually accept it within 10 to 15 minutes after the request, during business hours.
6Confirm your connection with StaysAfter the Stays team accepts your connection, your extranet will be on the step 4 of the connection.
In this case, just click the blue button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the connection.
7We completed the step!Now you have an active connection on your Booking extranet for Stays!
The step 5 of the connection means it is time to go to Stays and map the listings!
For more information about this step on your Booking extranet, you can also check out the official material they produced on the subject at the link below!
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Mapping the listings on your

To complete the connection, you must go to your channel manager to find the listing corresponding to your Booking property and link the calendar and rates.

To complete the process, check the table below:

1Go to your Booking panel on StaysGo to the [Channel Managers > > Listings] menu and select the desired listing.
2Click on [Connect to] and follow the linkClick on [Connect to] and select the [Connect to an existing listing on] option.
3Put the ID of your Booking property and proceed
Time to put your property ID to start the link.
You can find this ID at the top of your Booking extranet at the left side.
4Start to connect your unitsAfter your ID is validated for connection, it is time to connect the calendar and units price!
Click on the [Connect to] button next to each unconnected unit within your listing!
5Select the [Link to an existing listing] optionSelect the [Link to an existing listing] option to open the list of your active units on!
6Select the corresponding room from the listIn the [Room ID] field there is the list of active units on the Booking side and you must choose the option.
The [Sync now] little box must be checked when you already have future bookings on Booking.
Click on [Connect] to proceed!
7Good sales!Your unit will have the Booking ID and that means it is connected!
Check your Stays calendar and your Booking extranet just as an extra validation of the process!
If you want to force the submission of your prices structure, calendar and mainly your variable charge per number of guests, you can make manual submissions through the connection panel.
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Now that you already know how to link your Booking lodgings to, how about checking out more details about the topic?