You should have already verified the basic information about our connection to, and to go ahead with the connections, there is this article to help you review the content of your training with our Support Team. This material is intended for users with lists already on who wish to connect them to the system. If you do not have an account with, please see the material below:

Click here to know how to create account and lists on

Connecting existing Lists on

In this case, your connection needs to focus on sending rates and availability to and receiving Reservations made there after our connection and also those that you have closed before our connection (future).

Let's take the necessary steps:

  1. Access [Channels and Tools> Channel Manager>];
  2. Go to "Inventary Items" tab and find your accomodation;
  3. Click the little box on the right side and the right side of the screen will show the option to connect:

  4. Click on "Link";
  5. Choose the option "Connect to existing hotel on side";
  6. Fill in the Hotel ID, which will be the base point to validate the connection.
    Note: Hotel ID will be the number of your List on You can do this on your Extranet, next to the name of your Property. It is only important that before making the process in stays, you have already requested the connection with our channel manager and it is activated. For more details on this process, click on the link below:

    Click here to find out how to request a connection with Stays!

  7. After validating the Hotel ID, click on "save" and connect the accommodation to the "room" number on;

  8. When you save the room link, locate the option "Reservation Import" and select it in case you have future reservations on that accommodation. Once this is done, check your calendar on the stays and, if it is ok, go to the step below;

  9. Go to the "Other features" option and send rates and availability of the product in a certain period. This is to get a faster result on the Extranet and thus you will see the result. If you do not do this, your information will take a few hours to reach the channel, as it is the first data transmission.
    Important: If you work with additional guest charges and are configured on the system, send this also via the "Update Derived Prices" option!
  10. Good Sales!


I want to edit information from my existing list on! Which path is indicated?

The flow of new product information is not as segmented as in other channels, so if your desired change is very specific (ex: add 01 amenity), we recommend adjusting the information via Extranet. If you want to completely redesign your list, which is rare, our system may be able to help you, but you may need some manual actions on the Extranet to delete duplicate photos, for example.

The "Connect with" option does not appear on Stays. Why?

Your list is likely to have outstanding registration points in our system. If it is this screen that you are seeing, it is necessary to click on "send" and to feed the register in the screen that the system directs to you. By deleting messages in yellow, you'll be able to move on!

What should I do if Importing Reservations does not arrive at Stays?
This is a fundamental connection process ins case you already have Reservations on! If Reservations have not been imported into Stays, notify us immediately and do not proceed with the connection. The ideal is to click on the "disconnect" button next to the room in this case until our team analyzes what happened, so the accommodation will have a calendar blocked on avoiding overbookings.

Can I follow my connections only with this material by my own?
It's not recommended. The connection to has a lot of information and this material is used to review content. We recommend you  follow-up training from our Team when making your initial connections, so just let your Implementation Analyst know that you want the training and you will schedule a section!