A task of the operational module of Stays.net may have some statuses and you can also change them according to your need.

See below what are the possible statuses of an operational task:

NewIs the default status after a task is created.
In progressIndicates that the task is being done.
This status mainly applies when solving maintenance tasks that consume more time (duration days).
To be ConfirmedThis status indicates that the task in question had already been resolved, but was reopened.
To reopen a poorly executed task, simply go to the task page and click on the [Done] status and change it to [To be Confirmed].
DoneIndicates that the tasks were performed correctly.
Just access the task page and change the status to [Done]. This will indicate that the task has been successfully completed.
DuplicateThis status indicates that the task was not executed because there is already another ticket registered for the same case.
It is a very common type in cleaning or technical tasks created by your team manually, so it is valid to recommend that, before creating a task on Stays.net, it is necessary to make a filter on the pending issues in the lodging.
Won't FixThis status happens when the task will not be executed.
It applies to all types of tasks on the Stays.net system and can range from guest no-shows to incoherent requests for repairs and maintenance.

Now that you know about the status of an operational task, how about checking out more details about each area of the module?