When you go to a Listing Page, you can set the status of the ad, as shown below:

Below is the meaning of each status:


These are ready-to-market accommodations on your website and sales channels.

Active but not public

These are listings available for direct sales or reservations made via sales channels, but will be hidden on your site.

This can be used, for example, in accommodation arrangements that differ from your product standard, and you don't want it to affect the presentation of your site to users and just want to rely on it for peak demand or specific negotiations.

It is worth stressing that, in relation to the connection with the sales channels, the effect is the same as an active accommodation.


These are listings in the process of creation that still need details to be available to the public on the website and sales channels.


These are listings that are no longer part of your portfolio.

It is important to mention that Stays.net will keep all listings in its database, not having the possibility to delete accommodation.