You can remove listings from the [Property & Listings] menu of the system, but before getting started, you must let the status as [Inactive]. Follow the step below: 

  1. Access the [Property & Listings] menu and find the listing;
  2. On the listing information, click on the actual status and select [Inactive];
Note: before deactivating your listing, it's essential that you have already disconnected it from the sales channels on [Channel Managers].

After selecting as [Inactive], the listing will be removed from your visible list of listings, therefore it is necessary to select the [Inactive] option in the filters on the left side and click on [Update] to find the listing.  After that, click on [Delete] and confirm.

The steps are the same for addresses with multiple units, as long as the listing is activated and with no registered listings on the building. On contrary, it'll be only possible to deactivate listings.