To assist you in the auditing and monitoring of transactions added in the Financial module, has two different screens: Account Statements and Accounting Balance.

Both will generate data than can influence strategic decisions of your business. However, it is important to understand how these data will be presented.

See the main difference between the rules used by the system to generate the information of the screens in question:

Account StatementsThe system will consider the following transactions:
1-Confirmed receivable accounts
2-Confirmed payable accounts
3-Owner's Statement (monthly closing)
Accounting BalanceThe system will consider the following transactions:
1-Confirmed and not confirmed receivable accounts
2-Confirmed and not confirmed payable accounts
3-Owner's Statement (monthly closing)

Follow the example below:

Account Statements
Accounting Balance

For a search made in the same period (june 28th to july 5th), applying the filter to the accounting position referring to a "Lease Clients", the amount obtained in the [Account Statements] screen is R$445.31, that is, the system considered all the confirmed received transactions.

On the [Accounting Balance] screen, the amount presented for the same period and accounting position if R$1171.03, as it includes the confirmed and not confirmed receipts.

Thus, notice that the Accounting Balance, logically, will almost always have a greater value than the Account Statements.

Now that you already know what the difference between the screens Account Statements and Accounting Balance is, how about checking out more related subjects?