The [Account Statements] screen is the panel that will display your payment transactions and receipts already confirmed.

It will serve as a kind of ledger for you to validate the transactions for each period.

You can find this panel from the [Finance] menu.

Check below some possible actions on the screen and some additional information:

Record the daily transactionsThis panel will be the place to post cash out and cash entry.
Important: The record will not be visible on the screen if it is not paid, as the screen only shows confirmed transactions!
The transaction will be visible in [Payable Accounts] or [Receivable Accounts]!
Search for old postings or get cash projectionsFrom the filters on the left side of the page, you can get additional information such as the total moved in a given period, for example.SEE DETAILS

Now that you know about the use of the [Account Statements] screen, how about learning how to confirm your transactions so they appear on the panel?