TemporadaLivre Activation

The TemporadaLivre activation in your Stays.net should be made via [App Center > Channels > TemporadaLivre API] menu.

With that, just check the Active option and save the changes in the superior part on the right side of the page.

Additional Information

After the App activation you will have some additional settings to make, therefore check below the general instructions:

Connection managed by listingBy checking [Yes}, you will be able to choose from the [Channel Manager > TemporadaLivre API] menu which listings of your portfolio will be available for integration.
The [No] means that you will release all the listings to integration.
Prices CorrectionIn case your connection is managed by listing, you will be able to define the prices correction to the channel by listing too.
If your policy is standard for all listings that will be integrated, just set the % in the screen and save.
API CredentialsThe URL, Login and Password fields will be the necessary information to set the integration with Stays in your TemporadaLivre portal.
You do not need to make actions on Stays about these information, they are automatically generated after the App activation.

Now that you already know how to activate the TemporadaLivre in the Stays App Center, go to the next step according to your app's configuration.