When applying the chat on your Stays.net through app center, you will notice that the user will have two options by default: the sales chat history and the support chat history.

Check out the context of each one below:

Sales Chat History

Support Chat History
The sales chat is aimed at users who are negotiating reservations with their agents and aim to clear up doubts during the purchase moment.
The support chat is aimed at users who are already allocated to your listings or who have already reserved and want after-sales assistance.

The user will be able to select the first option to select the sales chat.

The user must select the second chat option to contact your company's operational support routine. 

The main example of use is the process of getting a reservation on the website, when the user wants to ask any questions about the listing or make a consultation about special services before reserving.

Some examples of use are requests for maintenance in the listing or even contacting to find out about the price of a possible extension of stay a few days before departure.

It is recommended that you give your reservation agents access to chat so they can increase your reservation conversion rate.
It is recommended that you open chat access to key people on your operational team, such as receptionists, maintenance and cleaning supervisors, for example.
The message history will be found in the [Offers & Promotions > Sales Chat History] menu.

The message history will be found in the [Offers & Promotions > Support Chat History] menu.

Now that you know the difference between the types of chat, how about checking more details about the topic?