Check out the main settings for PriceLabs information get on Stays. 

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Set the minimum stays, restrictions and other settings on the PriceLabs dashboard

Access your PriceLabs dashboard and set your minimum stays, check-in and checkout restrictions and other information of your choice. Based on this information and on market data of your region, PriceLabs will generate your rates and, if you want, you can change it there.  After finishing it, click on [Sync Now] to send the information to Stays.

PriceLabs price information will be updated once a day to Stays.

For tips about how to use PticeLabs with the best features, read the tool's official content.

Set the minimum stays on the Stays

Adjust the rate plan on your system to have the same minimum stays already set on the PriceLabs dashboard. This way, the information will be aligned between platforms.

If you work with Pricing per night, access the [Settings > General Settings > Pricing] and set your rate plan. Example: if you set the minimum of 2, 5 and 7 nights on PriceLabs, the same must be done on your system.

But if your work with Pricing per period, when creating your Price Rules on the [Catalog > Price Rules] menu, set your rate plans according to the settings on PriceLabs. Exemple: if you set the minimum of 2, 5, 7, 14 and 28 nights on PriceLabs, the same must be done on your Seasons and Events rules on the system.

Additional Information

PriceLabs allows you to set a minimum, base and maximum price of choice. It is essential to register this information on the tool, your Stays price rules will not be applied after the integration and should be focused on the tool. 

By integrating with PriceLabs, you will only be able to use Stays to apply promotions to the listings calendar. If you intend to do this, we recommend registering a minimum amount slightly above, so that there is no conflict with the system's promotional area.

Your system will receive the platform prices and will apply it on  Stays will receive the prices from the platform and apply them to the [General Calendar].