The only topics sent from to PriceLabs are:

API credentialsYou will need to take your API credentials from your app center and apply them to your PriceLabs panel during the configuration of your account with them.SEE DETAILS
Your listingsAfter enabling your and PriceLabs connection, we will send your listings to the PriceLabs portal and you will be able to choose which products will be connected.SEE DETAILS

Regarding prices, will only receive content from PriceLabs!

The only price information PriceLabs will get from is in relation to the base price - if you have not registered on PriceLabs - that you practice, as a way to have parameters to suggest prices, but we recommend that you adjust your minimum amount, base price and desired maximum price on PriceLabs, in order to have suggestions from the portal according to your business guidelines.

PriceLabs will be the base for the price of your listings and will only be the recipient of the rates.
The only possible action on Stays in this case is to create promotions and increases in the calendar list screen.