The prices per night configuration of is similar to the rate registration process of the main OTAs in the market, so you only need to follow these steps to register your rates:

1Set your rate plansThese are the minimum stays you have throughout the year, in addition to any progressive discounts that you give based on the number of booked nights.
You can adjust this in the [Settings > General Settings] menu.
2Register the amount of your daily ratesJust go to the [Calendar List Screen] menu and access the listings to enter the daily rates within the structure you created in step 1.SEE DETAILS
3Apply promotions or increasesThis step is optional.
If you use the strategy of increasing amounts on certain days of the week or giving discounts in periods of low demand, be sure to create some changes during the registration of your daily rates!
4Apply arrival and departure restrictionsThis step is optional.
Suitable for businesses that limit the arrival and departure of guests during long holidays and similar actions.

If you prefer, you can see these instructions practically applied on the video below:

Just remember to activate the English subtitles!