To help you know the details of the connection between and Expedia, we created the table below with the most frequently asked questions:

Is it necessary to have a Brazilian CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) to advertise on the channel?No, it is not.
Is there a minimum number of listings to connect?The policy is variable and defined internally through Expedia.
Is there a content connection between Stays and the OTA?No, there is not.
Only availability and rates will be sent to Expedia.
In how many sites will the listing be advertised from that connection?In addition to the Expedia site, they will appear on 12 more sites, among them, for example.
Will the rates registered at Stays be sent to the channel?Yes, as long as you have set up your rate plans correctly on Expedia and linked them to Stays.
Will bookings made on Expedia get on the Stays calendar?Yes, they will.
For bookings made prior to the connection, if you have been notified by Expedia e-mail, you must enter the booking manually in the Stays calendar!
Will the Stays calendar be sent to the Expedia calendar?Yes, it will.
Does send check-in and check-out restrictions to the Expedia calendar?Yes, it does.
The update is done daily by
Does send additional fees to be charged?No, it does not.
You must configure this through the Expedia portal, with the channel support.
Will send the fee I charge per additional guest?No, it will not.
You must configure this through the Expedia portal, with the channel support.
Does send the cancellation policies to Expedia? No, it does not.
You must configure this through the Expedia portal, with the channel support.
How is the booking amount charging made to the guest?There is a model where you charge the guest (Hotel Collects) and another where Expedia charges and then passes the amount on to you.
Is it possible to mark the guest card data as invalid through, it is not. However, if your partnership is Hotel Collect, it is possible to cancel the booking on Expedia within 72 hours after creating the booking.
Is it possible to market several listings in the form of a category (e.g., standard, deluxe)?Yes, it is.
Simply register your lodgings via vertical rate groups on!
Can I cancel a Expedia booking through screen?No, you cannot.
The cancellation process must be done through Expedia, either by the guest or by the host.
How can I communicate with Expedia guests through will be able to send emails through the booking page or automatically, only if the guest has a valid registered email address. In addition to having the option of WhatsApp messaging.
What is the commission amount charged by the channel?For administrators that use the Hotel Collect model (guest pays administrator directly) the commission is 15% on the total of the booking (including the fees).
In the Expedia Collect model (guest pays the Expedia), 20% on the total amount is charged (including the fees).
Does the channel accept instant booking?Yes, it does.
By default, the channel works with Instant Booking.
In case you want to know more details about the channel, click on the link below!
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