No, it is not.

Is there a minimum number of listings to connect to?

You must have more than one listing on the same location.

Is the content of my listing also connected to Expedia?

Yes, it is. Stays sends information such as photos, and bed settings of the listing. The photos display order is set by Expedia and cannot be changed.

Where will my listing be advertised?

Besides the Expedia website, the listing also appears on more than 12 websites, such as

Will registered rates on Stays be sent to the channel?

Yes, they will. Price structure is sent a few minutes after the connection and also after changes. Prices must be above R$238.9 for the channel to accept it - you can apply a price correction specifically for Expedia to make your listing eligible

Will reservations made on Expedia get to Stays calendar?

Yes, they will. For reservations made before the connection, it is necessary to enter information manually on Stays calendar.

Will Stays calendar be sent to Expedia calendar?

Yes, it will. The update is done instantly and settings about availability period will be sent within 5 minutes after changes on Stays. 

Does Stays send check-in and checkout restrictions to Expedia?

Yes, it does. The update is done daily.

Does Stays send additional fees to be charged?

Yes, it does. You need to link your fees with the Expedia model on your system's settings. However, for the additional guest fee, the information submitted is per adult - to add an additional fee per child, it is necessary to configure it directly on the Expedia extranet.

Will Stays send the fee I charge per additional guest?

Yes, it will. The sending is done within 5 minutes after changes. Please note that fees submitted per additional guest only consider adults. To include an additional fee per child, configure this option on the Expedia extranet. 

Will Stays send cancellation policies to Expedia?

Yes, it will. You just need to link your policies with Expedia models on your channel manager settings.

How is the charging of the reservation made to the guest?

There are two models. On Expedia Collect, payment is processed by Expedia and forwarded to you. On Hotel Collect, you are responsible for charging the guest. 

Can I set the guest's credit card as invalid?

No, you cannot. However, on Hotel Collect model, you can cancel it within 72 hours after the reservation's confirmation.

Can I advertise listings per categories (e.g. standard, deluxe, basic, etc.)?

Yes, you can. You just need to register your listings via vertical rate groups on Stays.

Can I cancel an Expedia reservation via Stays?

No, you cannot. The cancellation must be done via Expedia by the guest or by the host.

How can I get in touch with Expedia guests?

If the guest informs the phone number on the registration, you are able to send a text message via WhatsApp. We do not have access to the guest's email due to Expedia reservations arrive with an encrypted email. Another option is to get in touch via Expedia platform. 

What is the commission amount charged by the channel?

For administrators that have Hotel Collect model, in which the guest pays directly to the administrator, the commission is 15% of the reservation's total - including fees. On Expedia Collect model, in which the guest pays to Expedia, 20% is charged on the total amount - including fees.

Does the channel accept instant reservation?

Yes, it does. By default, the channel works with instant reservation.

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