Before proceeding with the reading of this article, it is important that you already know the concept below:

When generating your Excel spreadsheet with your lodging data, you will have the following data listed:

Lodging ID
It serves as a technical locator for the database of, as well as it can be used in eventual integrations with other external tools.
AvatarIt is the internal name of your listing. It serves as an easier identifier for you and your team.
Building codeIt is the technical locator of your Multi Unit Listing.
This information is useful for organizing your listings in the spreadsheet, based on listing targeting.
Name of the addressAuxiliary information to inform the listing your unit is connected to.
Listing titleIt is the public (commercial) name of your unit.
Listing descriptionAll the listing description information will be displayed, with fields about space, location and other additional information.
It will display the name of the property owner, based on what you entered in [Finance > Contract Configuration].
Lodging subtypeIt is additional information that serves to filter in the spreadsheet based on the sharing of space.
It is something very useful on the Airbnb portal, for example.
PeopleIt is the maximum number of guests that the lodging can allocate.
Remember that this is set by the bed configuration in your listing!
Rooms, beds and bathroomsEach of this information will have a dedicated column in the spreadsheet and we will use what you entered in [Content > Rooms].
ExclusiveIt indicates if the lodging is exclusive to your business or if it is marketed by other companies as well, based on what you configured in [Finance > Contract Configuration].
SubleaseIt indicates whether the partnership with the owner includes a fixed monthly payment or not related to the use of the lodging by your company.
Start and end date of contract with the ownerIt will display the effective date of the partnership contract established between you and the property owner.
Full address of the lodgingIt will display complete data regarding the location of the listing, including geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude).

The main purpose of the spreadsheet is to assist in the process of implementing your Stays listings in other tools or in daily routines that you already have in addition to the features we already offer.
Below you will be able to suggest more columns for the spreadsheet or if you want to integrate information from Stays with other platforms it might be interesting to take a look at our open API as well!