Many places have the practice of requesting the information of the guests when they arrive at the place of the lodging, therefore, to improve the experience of the guests and to optimize the operation of the teams of these places, a recurring practice is sending the information in advance by e-mail.

To do this on your, just follow the path below:

  1. Access the booking page;
  2. Find the area that displays the number of guests;
  3. Click the button next to [Add Guest] to generate more options;
  4. Click on the [Send Guest Registration] option;
  5. Check the message content and the email address;
  6. Click [Confirm and Send]

If you have a lot of listings with multiple units, you can pre-register the administration information and, with that, already have the email address filled in when you are going to perform this action.
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It is important to mention that the document and the email can have the content editable if your is from the Pro, Administrator or Agency plan, so it is a good practice to edit the content before you start sending the guest registration.

How to edit the contents?