To track receipts from your reservations, will present you a progress bar that must always be filled. 

This bar you can see in the following places:

Reception screenThe panel that is used to control the routine of arrivals and departures in your listings will also show you the status of the receipts from the reservation, in order to alert you to any departures without the amount paid in full or arrivals where it is necessary to charge a part of the guest.
Just go to [Reservation Center > Reception], filter the period and find the progress bars on each reservation.
[Find Reservation] screenYou can also find the status of receipts of reservations from the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] menu.
In this panel, which is used to obtain statistical data and general controls of the reservation routine, each location will have the receipts progress bar for you to view.
It is important to mention that in this case you still have the feature to filter only reservations where the total amount has not been paid, from the additional filters of the search.
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Reservation pageWhen accessing a reservation's page, at the bottom right of the page you will be able to add the guest payments and also do this follow up.
In this case, your biggest contact will be in relation to posting transactions on the reservation.

The filling of the bar is related to the posting of the transactions and the payment status of the guest, which is the basis for issuing a contract, invoices and emails about the reservation, but for the organization of your financial routine, postings can present different colors, according to the audit process of each posting.