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A booking counts on several items to form the total amount of the reservation and, therefore, there are some components where it is necessary to configure the chart of accounts.

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Source of Revenue
Revenue from the daily ratesIt is the most basic configuration to obtain the accounting indicators related to your reservation center.
You can choose the accounting item from the [Settings > Reservation Settings > Invoice], in the section [Reservations and Finances Central] menu.
Early check-in and late check-out chargingsIf you charge fees for arrivals or departures of guests outside of your standard time, during the configuration of this charging, there is the [Accounting Position] field where it is possible to relate these fees charged to a specific accounting item.
Additional feesIn relation to any additional fees you charge, such as cleaning and service fees, it is possible to establish the relationship with the chart of accounts when configuring these fees on your
From the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Fee Manager] menu you will be able to edit the fee in the [Type] field of the [General Accounting] section.
Extra servicesIn relation to services or experiences that you commercialize, the relationship with the chart of accounts can be done in the extra services configuration panel, in the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Extra Services] menu.
The adjustment is in the [Select the Category] section, in the [Type] field.

Now that you already know how to relate the items of a reservation to the Chart of Accounts, how about checking out more related subjects?