Before proceeding with the reading of this article, it is recommended to know the concept below:

To increase daily rates prices based on weekdays, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the calendar list screen;
  2. Find the desired listing or set of listings;
  3. Click on the [+] button next to the listing;
  4. In the [Condition] line, select a period above 14 days in the calendar;
  5. Click on the [Promotion] option;
  6. Select which days of the week you want to apply the increase to;
  7. Click on [Increase];
  8. Select the desired increase percentage in the [%] field;
  9. Click on [Apply].

If you work with a fixed model of increase for long periods, when opening the configuration screen, use the date picker to configure them, like in the example below:

Just select a period longer than 14 days in the calendar to open this configuration window!