TemporadaLivre does not have a strict policy regarding the content of listings, however it is necessary that you meet the basic requirements such as:

Complete addressThe listings must have the complete indication, including the city, neighborhood and public place.
Just configure this on the [Location] tab of Stays listings!
TitleJust register the information in the [Content > Descriptive Content] tab of your Stays.net listings!
PhotosIt is mandatory that the listings have photos, so be careful in your registration, whether in the area of configuration of rooms in your listings or about the surroundings of the listing.SEE DETAILS
Listings descriptionYou will be able to freely register information from the [Content] tab of Stays.net, however, the only restriction of the channel is not having links directing to other reservation platforms!SEE DETAILS
The TemporadaLivre portal has its own content quality meter that will indicate any registration improvements to you, but by doing your homework on Stays.net, you are already well ahead in this post-connection routine to the channel!

Now that you know the content requirements established by TemporadaLivre, how about seeing other related subjects?