follows as exchange reference the rates generated by the CurrencyLayer app, which is one of the references on currency conversion, but you can edit the standard rate by following the steps below:

  1. Access the [Settings > General Settings];
  2. Find the [Exchange Rates] section;
  3. Choose the percentage in the field related to the currencies involved;
  4. Save the changes at the lower left side of the page.

As a practical example, if the current quotation is that €1,00 equals R$5,00 and you want it to be R$6,00, just add "20%" in the [BRLEUR] field and the amount in reais will be R$6,00.

That is, the selected percentage will be added to the default rate amount of your

After the adjustment of your rates, it is necessary to wait a few hours - about 12 hours - for your change to be applied on your!

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