When adjusting your Stays.net website, one of the main points is the top menu of the page. 

In addition to options integrated into other areas of your Stays.net, you have the option to add menu items that redirect users to external pages from links. Examples of use of the feature are:

  • Indication of tourist services you commercialize;
  • Redirect your user to a content blog or businesses in your region;
  • Own property broker form;
  • Landing pages for other products of yours, from subdomains, for example.

To add a menu to redirect your website's user to an external link, just do the following steps:

  1. Access the Website & Template Manager > Website Builder];
  2. Click on [Menus > Default topmenu];
  3. Click on [+Menu Item];
  4. Choose the menu's internal name;
  5. In the [Link Type] field, put the [link] option;
  6. In the text field, put the link text in the active languages of your system;
  7. Put the link address, in the active languages of your system;
  8. Set whether to open in new tab or not;
  9. Save the changes made;
  10. Save the changes made in the menus (top right side of the screen).

After adjusting the menu, the final result is similar to the one below:

Agora que você já sabe sobre como adicionar links externos em seus menus, que tal ver outras dicas de edições avançadas de site?