On your Stays.net you will be able to create and configure your promotional codes (discount coupons), but in relation to sending these coupons to your audience (guests, social media followers, etc.), you must use channels and solutions in addition to Stays.net.

To help you with some ideas, we have put together the list below with some options:

Social networksFor the development of your brand, being present on social networks is essential and a good practice to arouse the interest of your followers is to post some promotional codes.
This increases traffic to your website and user engagement on your social networks!
Email marketingIn addition to social networks, another option for mass promotion of discount coupons is sending emails to the contacts base.
This is very common in the e-commerce environment and can keep your guests loyal to your brand.
From Stays you can generate a list of contacts and, with that, start building your email marketing campaigns!
Email requesting guest evaluationHow about giving a discount to guests who have just left your listing?
Using the stay evaluation request e-mail to advertise a personalized code to those who have stayed in one of your listings can be a good practice to attract travelers who consume frequently or who will be mega satisfied with your services!
Pages on your Stays websiteIt can be attractive to have a menu on your Stays website that always has a promotional coupon available for those who are on your website.
This helps you get more direct reservations and can increase traffic to your page.
Check the link at the side for an example page for this use (generic content).
Reservation offersDuring the negotiation with the guests when creating reservation offers, an attractive factor in converting the reservation is to offer the guest an advantage if they reserve through the link provided.
In this case, just create the code and send it to the guest through WhatsApp or through email during the negotiation.
User actions on your Stays.net websiteHow about displaying "popup" messages to the user based on their interactions on your Stays.net website?
In this case, you could - through your Google Tag Manager - apply these actions to your page.
It is very common in retail stores and other e-commerce environments.
Check at the side how to integrate your Google Tag Manager to your Stays.net.
Special cases in reservationsFor specific reservation cases, such as direct negotiations and codes to compensate for any inconvenience to the guest (e.g. letter of credit for future reservations), it is possible to send it to your guest directly by email, by WhatsApp or other communication channels you have.
Just remember to restrict the coupon usage to the related guest only!

Now that you have ideas on how to get your promo codes out to your audience, how about looking at other areas about the coupons?