During the reservation forwarding process, Stays.net by default will deduct the amounts referring to your partner's commission on the reservation and the forwarding fees configured on your platform.

For a better understanding of how the commission calculation works, check out the content below:

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How to define if whether the reservation partner's commission will be part of the forwarding calculation?

If you want to remove the partner's commission amount from the reservation forwarding calculation process, access the [Settings > Owner Settings > Commission] menu, go to the Commission Model section, select the desired option in [Do you want to discount the channel commissions before calculating the forwarding?] and save the changes to the upper right side of the screen.

How to define specific behavior in a listing?

To configure it, you will access the specific listing on which you want to make this change, go to [Finance > Contract Configuration > How Is Your Commission Regarding Reservations?], select a commission model [Individual] and select the desired option in [Do you want to discount the channel commissions before calculating the forwarding?].

To verify the need to edit or not per listing, by selecting the Global option, click on the Preview button to see your default policy about the theme.

What happens if I select Yes?

By selecting the option [Yes], fixed fees to the owner and partner's commission will be discounted and the calculation basis will be the corrected selling price.

The calculation for this option is based on the Partner's Fee. The example below shows how this calculation is made from 20% commission on the corrected sales price:

If you want to have this policy customizable per listing, just mark [Yes] in the per listing configuration option and you will be able to adjust this in the [Finance > Contract Configuration] tab.
Do not forget to register in the general settings the model that applies to most of your listings!

What happens if I select No?

By marking [No], the amount will be calculated based on the base selling price.

The calculation of this option is based on the direct value of the sale price, applying the previously selected commission percentage. The example below shows the commission value applied at 20%:

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