The activity history of an operational task records most of the actions performed and we will see some examples below.

As this information is integrated into our tool's database, so far the records arrive in English, but here are some examples below to help you:

Task creationBy default, the tasks show the user who created them and when they were created. These records arrive as "created task".
Remember that the StaysBot user is when there is an automatic creation by
Task distributionRecords the moment and the person responsible for having linked the task to a collaborator, as well as who received the responsibility for performing the task.
This serves to find out if there was a delay in passing the task to someone, for example.
The record for these cases will be as "assigned to" and will be followed by the name of the person who received the task.
Commnet on the taskRecords the comments made on the task and includes the author of the comment and when it was done.
This is useful for cases such as budgeting with suppliers or difficulties to get into a listing, for example.
The record of these activities is "commented on".
Changes in execution timesUsually used in technical tasks, this record serves to show if there was any update within the task deadline, and can be applied both for the initial period and for the end of the task. will present information about the new deadline, as well as who made the change and when.
The records will be displayed as "changed start datetime" - for changes at the beginning of the execution deadline - and "changed end datetime", for final deadline changes.
Changes in the resolution statusThe system will present changes in the status of task resolution, showing who did it and when it was done.
The activity record will be presented as "changed status to".