Follow the steps below to get connected to Booking via Stays.

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I do not have a Booking account yet

Step 1. Create a Booking account via Stays

  1. On your system, go to [Channel Managers > Booking V2.0 > Onboarding] to access the self-onboarding; 
  2. On "Do you already have a account?", click [No], save it, fill out the field to create an account and save it again;
  3. You will get an email with the contract number with Booking - sign it to proceed and go back to the onboarding;
  4. Fill out all settings fields to finish your onboarding. 

Step 2. Create your listing on Booking

Before creating a listing, you must create your property on Booking. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Channel Managers > > Listings] menu;
  2. Choose the property you want and click on the [Connect > Create a listing] button;
  3. The channel confirms your account data and, next, you get a property Booking ID;

When you have the property created, you will be able to create your listings.

Step 3. Create your Stays listing on Booking

  1. Access [Channel Managers > > Listings] and select the listing you want;
  2. Click on the [Connect] button. Do it in each listing of your property with the [Connect] button beside;
  3. Go to [Create a listing] and choose the type that is more compatible with your listing;
  4. Wait for the information to be sent to Booking - validation messages are displayed in yellow on the right side of the screen. If you have any questions, see what each status means when creating a listing;
  5. Once the information is sent, your listings go through Booking's validation process. This process usually takes around 1 hour, but the official deadline is up to 24 hours. The listing cannot be published until the contract is signed and you receive confirmation of account opening;
  6. Click [Open Calendar] when this button is green. This means that the listing is ready - when clicked, it will be published.

I already have a Booking account, how can I proceed?

Step 1. Set the channel

  1. Access the self-onboarding and click [Yes];
  2. Fill out all settings fields to finish your onboarding.

Step 2. Sync existing listings

  1. Go to [Channel Managers > Account > Request connection];
  2. Click [Quick Connection];
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to allow the connection.
If you already have an account on Booking and would like to create a new listing via Stays, we must have your contract signature with the channel. To do that, get in touch with our team via email.