When registering your Seasons and Events you must have realized that our system works by assembling a structure common to all accommodations or segments determined and the difference would be only as to the value of the daily, however if your case does not apply to this structure there are some alternatives to register, which we will see in this article!

Small Adjustments in relation to the standard structure of the other accommodations

In case you have a common structure to all the accommodations or a large group of accommodations that meet the same standard however there are one or two cases in particular that there are minor changes, a good option for your case is to edit the individual structure within the Season in question.
To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access the price page of the Accommodation Page;
  2. Click on the Season or Event you want;
  3. When opening the tariff structure, choose [Individual];
  4. Click the column you want to edit;
    • Right side option: allows you to edit the daily value, without following a discount standard in %.
    • Left side option: allows you to edit the percentage of discounts granted as the stay gets longer.
  5. Save your changes to the end of the edit process at the top right of the screen!

If it is a change that you wish to apply to other accommodations as well, before editing click the [Global] button and you go to the configuration of the original Season or Event (within Catalog> Seasons and Events).

Seasons and Individual Events

If the small adjustments presented above are not sufficient to your need, an alternative is the creation of a Season or Individual Event for accommodation.
In this case, you will need to edit the Season and Event structure within the accommodation price page from the [+ Period] option located at the top to the right.

It is only important that if there is any Season already registered in the period in which you want to create your Individual Season it is necessary to deactivate it in the accommodation tariff setting by moving the key to the left side:

The same is true if you have an Event already registered for the same period, if you want to register an Individual Event.
If you do not do this, it will not be possible to create the Season or Event, as there will be period conflicts in the tariff structure.


How is the process of creating the Season or Individual Event? Are the same fields as the Global Seasons or Events?
Yes. These are the same registration fields.
If you want to review, see the links below:

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I have accommodations with two or more tariff structure standards, but common to all of them. How can I do it?
A common tip is to use the Tariff Regions feature, where you can register various tariff structures and then choose from the accommodation page which structure standard the product belongs to.
In addition, if in addition to the standard structure the accommodations have the same price throughout the Seasons and Events, it is possible to set up a Horizontal Tariff Group in order to automate the pricing of several products with just one action.

I have a standard tariff structure for my products, but I change more in the value of the daily rates. Where can I do actions on the system?
The content of this article is focused on issues of tariff structure, but if you want actions that only change the value of the accommodation's daily rates it is possible to do some actions.
Promotions, for example, is a price structure that overlaps on Seasons and Events and is ideal for filling gaps in the calendar.
If you change prices according to the time the reservation was made by the guest, see also the Dynamic Pricing Rules tool.

Finally, if you just want to apply a generalized adjustment of type "increase every day by 10%", you can use the [Price Multiplier] tool located on the Seasons and Events configuration screen, either in the Global area or in the page of accommodation prices.