"Derived Prices" is the name that is given in the sales channels when the accommodation has the value of daily rates varying according to the number of guests, that is, the more people in the Reserve, the higher would be the daily rate.

This is a very present concept in Hotels and has been getting space also in real estate managers.

How can I enable Derived Prices on my system?

If your daily rates vary according to the number of people it is necessary that you enable this feature in the system.

Go to [Catalog> Settings> General Settings] and find the option related to this theme:

Important: The "For each Season / Event" option will only be applied to the site. The configuration is not transmitted to the Sales Channels!

How do I set up Derivative Prices in a Season or Event?

After selecting the [For each Season / Event] alternative, the adjustment will be made within the space to place the amount of the daily in each Season or Event of the accommodations, as shown below:

The "max" field indicates the number of guests maximum of the price in force and, from there, there is the charge for the additional person fee.
This rate can be in fixed amount or percentage (to change, just click on the icon indicated by the arrow in the image above).

How do I set up Derived Prices per accommodation?

After you have selected the [For each Property] option in the system configuration, you must go to the [Sales Prices> General Setup] tab located on the Accommodations Page and adjust following the same logic as above.

In the example above, it indicates that the rates are charged in Reservations with up to 03 people.
From the fourth person, 10% more will be charged per night and per additional person.

It is important to note that in the API connection with AirBnB only the template in value is compatible, so it is important to put a value in the field even if you use percentages.


To which Sales Channels will these settings be sent?
The Derived Price Rule is sent to Booking.com and to AirBnB in the API connection model.
Regarding Expedia and Flipkey, there is the possibility to apply this charge, however it is necessary to do it manually through their portal or through channel support.

Will the charge per additional person exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation?
No. Once you have set up your rooms and beds, we will have the maximum number of people each accommodation entails, so the charge will take up to the maximum number of people in the room.
For searches above the maximum of people behaved, the channels and your site will not consider your accommodation on the search, so if you work with extra beds, adjust your accommodation so that the maximum number of people it is, in fact, the real number!

Can I work with the discount model according to the number of people?

This is a recurring question of connecting users. You can even find in your Extranet a model where you configure your daily rates for the maximum of people and the less people you have, there is a bigger discount, but for the API connections that we have with Booking and AirBnB, the only possible model to send the setting is adding value to the daily rates.

Why can not I submit my Variable Derivative Charge for Season and Event to the sales channels?

This limitation is due to the connection with the sales channels. This feature is currently not supported in Connection.
We have weekly meetings with our connectivity partners and as soon as we have news about it, we'll let you know!