Once you have registered your business partners in the Partner Center, it's time to account for these costs to get your business information clearer and clearer.

In our system you have several ways to get indicators, such as the Find Reservations screen for example, but the option we present here is indicated if you generally want to get a graph with the average cost of the Partner per month.

This feature is most appropriate for Partnerships where you pay a fixed amount to advertise your accommodations, so simply enter the total amount you have invested in the channel and the system will count the Reserves closed throughout the month to obtain an average value.

How do I add the amount I invested to announce to the Partner?

After you have registered your Partner in the system, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to [Catalog> Auxiliaries> Partnerships];
  2. Select the Partner you want to add the Monthly Cost;
  3. On the right side of the panel, select [Actions> Monthly Cost];

  4. On the next page, select the "Add" option and a menu like this will be displayed:

  5. Choose the month that you would like to add a monthly cost and, next, the value.
  6. Do not forget to save after finishing!

How do I get the indicators?

The indicators related to the amount invested and the return on investment will be present in the Reservation Statistics, which will be counted the stays that were actually confirmed or in the Order Statistics, which are requests and queries made by guests with your Sales Team (or Reservation Center).
Here is an example of Reservation Statistics:

For more information on the Reservations and Requests indicators, see the links below:

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How can I track the monthly payment of these Business Partners?

Since it is a payment that will occur regardless of the volume of closed Reserves, the ideal tool is to register as Recurring Transactions, where it is possible either to place the total amount paid for all the accommodation or, if you want more precision in the financial reports, to post how much is spent with each list.

I want to know more...

How does the system calculate the total value of Reserves closed in a month?
For the calculation, the system will consider the creation date of the Reserve and it must be confirmed, so Reserves without posting (Pre-Reservations) are excluded from the calculation.