When accessing the [Reservation & Bookings] menu of your Stays.net, there is an option named [Find Reservation] and it is possible to do several actions on the day-to-day of your commercial routine.

See below the main actions you can take from this page:

Search for bookings based on criteriaIn cases where you search for multiple reservations through criteria or are unsure of the guest's code or name. From the filters on the screen, you will be able to view the bookings and thus find the one you want easier. It is the best way to find all bookings of a particular commercial partner, for example.SEE DETAILS 
Check the total nights booked in a periodIt is possible through the application of some screen filters to generate the number of booking nights in a given period. For this result, filter the bookings by creation or arrival date and uncheck the little box just below the field. In the booking status search, mark the [pre booked], [booked] and [contract] options. This is valid to monitor the performance of your [Reservation & Bookings] menu and check how your demand is doing.SEE DETAILS
List reservations with open payments The [Find Reservation] screen also allows you to generate a list of all bookings which the total amount has not yet been paid.
This can help you control check-outs or monitor previous charges from guests.
Monitor the progress of forwarding reservations to owners From this panel, you will be able to generate lists to monitor the progress of the forwarding of your bookings to owners.
Simply filter reservations by arrival, departure or creation period and check the [Forwarded Status] field.
This will help you not to leave your forwarding of reservations pending.
Feature available only for the Administrator and Agency plans!
Check the total commission received in a periodIt is also possible to generate the total commission amount that your business earns in the booking forwards during a specific period.
In addition to viewing the screen, you can issue a document for printing or an Excel spreadsheet with these information. 

Now that you already know what to do in the [Find Reservation] screen, how about checking out more related subjects?