Before you migrate to your own domain, the system sends your emails from the sender For your messages to be sent from your customized sender, you need to set up the business email during the domain migration. Follow the steps below in the DNS editing panel of the domain on your provider.

Step 1. Create a TXT record for the SPF 

On the [Name] field, enter your domain. On the [Value] field, enter the following text:

v=spf1 ?all

Each provider has a shortcut for domain - at GoDaddy, just put "@" and in other providers ".". If you already have an SPF, add our SPF to the code, like the example below:

v=spf1 include:yourcurrentspf ?all

Step 2. Create 2 CNAME records for the DKIM

On the [Name] field, enter "". On [Value], enter ““.

On the new [Name] field, enter "". On [Value], enter ““.

Step 3. Notify the Stays team your email address

Enter via chat or the sender email address of the automatic messages triggered by the system. Remember that the email must have the same domain as your website.

Step 4. Check your sender email inbox

We will email you with the subject "Verify your domain for Mandrill". Forward this email to us so that the team can complete the process. You do not need to click on the link in the email.

Done! After that, your new email will be set up and will be the sender of the messages automatically triggered by the system.