has some features to help you monitor your operational routines and, from the indicators, trace strategies for the business.

See below some useful statistics for your operational routine:

Summary by Users

It is a tool used mainly to monitor the progress of the members of your Operational Team in relation to pending issues.

The goal is to show the manager or the supervisor the total number of activities linked to the employee and how many were resolved in relation to the total.

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Performance of Booking Agents

To help you calculate the commission of your Booking Agents, after you have linked your Agents to the Bookings of your, it is possible to set the basis for calculating the total amount collected by an Agent, put the percentage of commission that you pay them and have the total amount for the period.

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Productivity Ranking

By configuring your operational tasks and linking them to the collaborators, it is possible to obtain on your a performance ranking of your collaborators.

This tool is useful for eventual bonus payments or strategic decisions about new promotions of collaborators or team cut.

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Listing Rating

Simply access the average rating of guests about their stay in your listings.

This is useful for controlling the quality of your products and, in some cases, checking the problems reported by the guests during the stay that go unnoticed by their check-in or check-out inspections.

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