Throughout the day-to-day rush, the managerial part is compromised, mainly in relation to the control and if its enterprise has few resources of labor. By using our operating module, you get help with managing your requirements related to your stays and your business, and in this article, some indicator screens are presented that can help you make important decisions for your facility.

The screens that are shown below are in the [Statistics] Menu.

Summary by Users

It serves to monitor the progress of the members of your Operational Team in relation to the assigned tasks. It is a very useful tool for management level and supervision of teams.
To access it, go to [Statistics> Summary by User].

The area in blue comprises the amount of open tasks, the green area is what is already solved.

Calculation of Commissions of Booking Agents

It is possible to determine how much each Reservation Agent has collected for the Company in a certain period. Useful tool for companies with Reserves sector or that work with external brokers, for example.

To access it, follow [Statistics> Staff> Commission Calculator].

It will be possible for you to choose a monthly period, whether it should be by check-in date or by creation of the Reserve, as well as which parts will be the commission and in the central part of the screen, simply apply a value on how many % is the commission of the agent .

Most used configurations -> Filter by check-in date, since the Reserves will already be confirmed in most cases and the commission for Total Guests (referring only to the value of the daily rates) or the Total Value of the Rental (daily value deducting the sales channel commission and any fees and transfers to the Owner).

Team Statistics

They are quantitative indicators that aim to list who performs each task, who detects and who creates the cases. Another valid point for process analysis is that it has the indicators "Moment of Detection", which indicates the quality of the survey and preventive maintenance, for example and "Workers rating based on Guest reviews", which shows the general quality of service provided by each employee in the design of the guest.
To access it, follow [Statistics> Staff> Team Statistics].

Listing Reviews

It is possible, through this function, to evaluate the quality of the product and, mainly, to have an overview of the areas of the Company (sale, maintenance, cleaning, check-in, check-out and general experience). It is an important indicator at the strategic level and can serve as a basis for variable remuneration.

To access it, follow [Statistics> Listing Reviews].


In the "Summary by Users" screen, what are the names in the list?
The system will list all users who have at least one of the user-linked tasks: "check_inventory", "check-in / check-out", "maintenance" and "cleaning".

In the "Commission Calculation" screen my name does not appear in the list. Why?
The screen will only display the users who have the "Agent" function enabled.

In the "Team Statistics " screen is a quantity statement. Is it possible to apply different levels by task type?
Yes, it is possible for example to classify the technical tasks and put a punctuation level by type of task. In addition, within each accommodation on the [Cleaning & Maintenance] tab, the [Worker Ranking] option allows you to define how many points will be given to the employee for each cleaning and check-in and check-out task.

If I receive a guest-hate rating or do not make sense, can I take it away from the average quality of the products?
Yes, you will be able to manage your ratings and within this panel you will have an option called [Do not consider in Statistics].