After registering your lodging for long term rental and enabled its visibility on your page, your listing will be available for future consultations.

From your website editor you can enable a specific menu for your long term rental lodgings and thus generate rental consultations.

To do this, just follow the path below:

  1. Access the [Website & Template Manager > Website Builder] menu;
  2. Click on [Menus] to open your website's menu list;
  3. Choose the desired menu structure by clicking on the "arrow" on the right side;
  4. Click on [+Menu Item];
  5. Put the menu name in the active languages of your website;
  6. In the [Link Type] field, choose the [module] option;
  7. In the [Select Module] field, choose the [Long Term Rental] option;
  8. Click on [Save];
  9. To apply your menu, click on [Save] at the top right side of the page as well!
You will be able to apply your menu either at the top of the website (main menu - default) or at the bottom of your page, if you wish!
Just choose the desired menu during the configuration!

After applying your menu on the website, the option will be presented to the user on your page and they will have a panel with your long term rental panel:

Remember that the panel is to capture interested parties, so it is essential to configure on your who will receive the completed forms by email!
I want to know more...

Now that you know how to show your long term rental listings to the users of your website, how about checking how to suspend (cancel) the post of the listings if you reserve a rental?