After setting up a Real Estate listing, your listing will be available for browsing on your website, thus opening a sale possibility for your enterprise, however it's very important to observe some details during this process, for they may affect the outcome.

Website - Where can the buyer see my "Real Estate" products?

Right when you activate the "Real Estate" module in the system with our Support Team's help, your website automatically gains an option in the Main Menu, according to the example below:

This option directs the user to a specific system module for this market segment, allowing the buyer to have a more direct view regarding your listings. Another important point is that you are able to work a specific SEO for this market segment, thus optimizing your enterprise's search results on the web's search engines.

Website - The "Real Estate" listing's structure and on-screen interactions

When clicking on the "Real Estate" option (whose Menu name you can alter with help from our designer) your potential buyer will be redirected to a page similar to this one:

On the left side of the screen, search filters are available for the user to refine search and, by the end of the page, the segment's accommodation list. On the middle of the screen, it will be shown the content of the selected listing and there you'll find some information present in your listing's setup. On the right side, there are presented fees regarding the accommodation and the product's sale price, and also the "Contact" button, which will be the entry port for browsings in your website.

Receiving "Real Estate" requests:

From website's user action of clicking on the "Contact" button, he will be redirected to a system's standard form, and thus fill it with questions to be sent to your Team. This communication will reach your staff by e-mail. The first important step is to configure these e-mail messages' recipient. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to <<Catalog > Settings > General Settings>>;
  2. Scroll down to the option "Set up internal email notifications for your Team here from user actions on your site";
  3. In "Contact us (general questions about Booking routine and other modules of the site)", insert the recipient's e-mail;
  4. Don't forget to save your changes at the bottom right screen.

The second step is to acknowledge that the e-mail will be generated based on the front_send_request template, therefore it is important to highlight in the subject of these e-mails that they are a request. The e-mail also applies to some other screens, so it is necessary to instruct your Team to be aware of eventual requests through this channel.

Another important action in this matter is to put the contact numbers in a segmented way on the website's footer: this allows the user that is searching for further information to locate an additional contact of your Enterprise, thus streamlining the browsing process. For that, just contact our Design Team through the e-mail


I'm not interested in deploying "Real Estate" and "Long Term Rental" in my system. Can it be disabled?

Yes, just contact our Support Team and we'll disable it for you. If you're in the beginning of the implementation process, just notify the Implementation Analyst during the first meeting.

Will I be charged for "Real Estate" listings in my bill?

No. Our current pricing policy considers only the number of active units regitered in the Vacation Rental module. You'd be charged only if your "Real Estate" listing was also dealt in vacation rental.

I managed to sell a "Real Estate" unit. How do I remove it from the website?

Access your product, and in the left side menu change the "Active" option to "Deactivated". The listing will be kept in your database, but won't be visible in your system's search filters or on your website.