In order to use the Cancellation Policies on your, it is important that you register your policy and then set its use.
This will be critical for the reservation process on your website, and will also provide a basis for how your policies relate to those on the sales channels.

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Registering cancellation policies on

This is the first step for the creation of the policies and must be done via [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Cancellation Policy].
When you get to the screen, just click on "+" button to create new models, make it active and save the changes at the end of the process:

Setting your default cancellation policy

This setting is useful to indicate to the system which cancellation policy model works for most of your listings, which will help you to shorten steps when creating new listings, for example.
To set your default cancellation policy, just go to the [Settings > Reservations > Cancellation Policy] menu, choose the default model and save the changes on the upper right side of the screen:

Setting the cancellation policy of a specific listing

A common thing on vacation rental is that listings can have varying policies according to the region of the listing or business strategy, so if you need to adjust the cancellation policy for a particular listing, you can do this from the ad page, on [Distribution > Reservation Settings > Cancellation Policy], and do not forget to save the changes:

Mark the option Individual so you can choose the custom model for the listing.
If the Global option is marked, you can click on Preview to check what is the policy applied to your listing.

Now that you already know how to create and configure your cancellation policies on, how about checking out other related subjects?