Cancellation policy is a feature used by means of accommodation to try to reduce the damage caused by the guest giving up on the booking and, for the guest, it is increasingly becoming one of the decisive factors when choosing a lodging.

Check the list below for the main information you need to start using this tool:

How to register cancellation policies on Stays?From the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Cancellation Policy] menu
How to configure the registered policies?To define the application of your policies you must go to the [Settings > Reservation Settings] menu, at the bottom of the page.
How to set a listing's cancellation policy?Upon accessing the listing page, go to [Sell Price > General Configuration] and choose the model of the policy.SEE DETAILS
How to set the cancellation policy of a period?Setting only available on the advanced pricing model. You can edit the policy while editing your pricing rules in the menu [Catalog > Price Rules].SEE DETAILS
How will the cancellation policy appear on the website for guests?The moment the booking is made by the guest, the information will be displayed in some stages of the process.SEE DETAILS
Which sales channels receive information about the policies I use on Stays?Airbnb, Booking, VRBO (HomeAway) and TemporadaLivre. Attention: See the article on the side for more details on the integration!SEE DETAILS
How to link Stays' policies with those of sales channels?Just go to the [Settings] tab of each channel manager on your You will find out which channel policy best fits your registered model.SEE DETAILS

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